I Believe
Everyone has Potential
All We Need is Right Teachers in Our Lives
Who Can
Lead us Upwards for
Exponential Growth & Massive Success

"My life has taught me life!"

I’m driven by my passion of
“Unlocking Common Potential to Create Uncommon Results”

Starting with a financially & emotionally struggling childhood, a mediocre & unnoticed student in school, to failing in interviews post-graduation, struggling to find the right job, later being victim of office politics, to being a super successful first generation employee turned serial entrepreneur venturing into 7 diverse businesses in IT/non-IT/B2B/B2C across Education, Entertainment, Retailing, Franchising with no prior experience in running a business.

My business ventures gave me key insights & wisdom that can be leveraged by entrepreneurs to run their business in much Better Way, in Auto-Pilot mode, Grow Exponentially, fulfil their Revenue Potential, thus Impacting the Lives of others as well as themselves.

  • 2007- Meteonic Innovation Pvt Ltd - IT Consulting
  • 2008– Talent Time (Hobby Studio)
  • 2009- F/O Gitanjali to Own brand Kanika Jewels
  • 2012- Food & Bevarages
  • 2013– Luxury Gifting Boutique
  • 2014– F/O Wedding & Partywear Apparels Showroom
  • 2017– Social Ventures Solutions - Humanitarian Products

I owe my growth & massive success to the mentors who came in my life & changed the trajectory of my life, unlocked my hidden potential that I was totally unaware & ignorant about!

So, I also want to be that mentor for entrepreneurs who believes in their potential but struggling to find that support & direction to make it happen.

It could be your:

  • Revenue Potential
  • Quality of Life Potential
  • Knowing the Depths of SELF – the INNER Potential!

When I reflect in time, I see that many Obstacles that came my way became Opportunities for Growth, Success, Independence, Impact while gradually unleashing the latent Potential within me.

Different stages of my life


  • Financially & emotionally struggling childhood
  • Mediocre & unnoticed student in school
  • Failing in interviews post-graduation
  • Rejections that led to Low Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Struggling to find the right job until 3 yrs post Engineering
  • Victim of office politics being a female
  • Failures in Business Ventures
  • Day-2-day problems of Running Your Own Business
  • Cash Flow Problems, Operational problems
  • Government Policies Problem, Legal Problems


  • Evolution of an Entrepreneur via Serial Entrepreneurship since 2006
  • Transformed “ME” – Mind, Intellect & Emotions for Profit, Prosperity & Peace
  • Evolution of my Being over my Personality
  • The Awakenings of The Sole & Soul Warrior within me
  • The Ongoing journey of Self Discovery Consciously since August 2015
The Obstacles Continue to Show Up & I Continue to Create Opportunities
  • 1996– BE (Electronics Design & technology) – Nagpur University
  • 1996-1998– Lecturer at SRKNEC, Nagpur
  • 1998-1999– Y2k technology center, Ahmedabad
  • 1999-2006– TCS (Nortel Networks, Lucent, Motorola)
  • 2006–Ongoing- Serial Parallel Enterpreneur
  • 2015-17 & 2017-19: Elected Member of Nasscom IT Service Council for SME

Though today my life reflects Growth, Success & Independence while gradually unleashing my latent Potential across different stages of my life.

Born & bought up in a lower middle-class family, I was barely five when my father met with an accident in 1979 on New Year’s Eve, that confined him to the hospital for close to two years.

I had to grow up overnight and take on the responsibility of my brother and myself.

My mother became the bread earner for family's living expenses & also had to shell out for seventeen surgeries that my father required to recover.

This completely wrecked our family emotionally and financially.

Values that I picked up from my mother during my growing years are Compassion, Contribution, Integrity, Authenticity, Loyalty & Faith

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